Melissa Davis – Realtor

A native of East Tennessee, Melissa has a special connection to this beautiful area and the many treasures she hides within her mystique. It’s no secret why millions of people descend upon East Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains year after year. It just feels like home!

Melissa is a licensed Realtor with an extraordinary blend of energy, experience and knowledge. Currently the co-owner of a local real estate appraisal firm, Melissa understands the nuances of real estate and more specifically value.

Prior to her experiences as a Realtor and Real Estate Appraiser, she held multiple executive positions as a mortgage banker and mortgage account executive, and was recognized as a company leader.

Melissa’s extensive and diverse experience helps her clients navigate all phases of the real estate industry. Familiar with every aspect of the market, she welcomes even the most challenging situations.

For years mortgage lenders and Realtors have relied on Melissa’s expertise to provide high quality valuation products and consulting in the real estate industry because of her commitment to ethics, technology and customer service.

Melissa says “it’s real simple, the key to exceptional customer service is simply listening to the wants and needs of my clients”.

Contact Melissa today and see why her clients trust her with their real estate decisions.